Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for accommodation services 

of Family Magazin in Žuljana, peninsula Pelješac, Croatia

1. Booking, and confirming the booking

(1) With your booking of the apartment or a room in the houses of Family Magazin You are obligated with a contract of a part-time lease. You can do this in writing, in person or by phone. The lease contract obligates us from the moment we confirm your booking and the price in writing (booking confirmation).

(2) In the period of seven days you will receive booking confirmation, which contains all the relevant information about the apartment or the room You have booked.

2. Payment

(1) After receiving the booking confirmation it is necessary to pay an advance which is 25% from the total price of rent. The rest has to be paid in full four weeks before the date of arrival. Both amounts have to be paid on time on the account of ANTHOS d.o.o., Kraj 23, 20247 Zuljana Croatia.

IBAN : HR0823600001101830404 Zagrebačka banka d.d., Paromlinska 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


(2) If by the date of arrival the amount isn’t paid in full, the lease is cancelled. In that case we hold the right for the compensation because of the cancellation of the lease.

3. Services

(1) All services are listed in the booking confirmation.

(2) Prolonging the lease: in case You want to prolong your stay we ask You to inform us on time. Prolonging your stay is only possible if your apartment or room is still available. The expenses of your prolonged stay are settled in cash on the spot.

4. Special notice for apartments

(1) The telephone bill and the use of the washing machine and the dryer are not included in the price of rent and have to be settled on the spot. Staying in the apartments and rooms is allowed for only as many people as stated in the offer. House pets are permited only if it is strictly so stated in the booking confirmation. The stated dates of arrival and departure are obligatory. In general, staying in apartments is possible from the day of arrival at 15.00 hours to the day of departure at 10.00 hours .

(2) Each guest has to take care of his rented housing unit and its inventory and also the common rooms. The guest is also obligated to compensate for any damage made by himself, his companions or guests. Before receiving the keys to the apartment the host may ask for a deposit in case of any damage. The deposit will be returned if the apartment and its inventory at the end of your stay are returned in good shape.

5. Customer’s right to changes and cancellation

Change of booking, replacement guest

(1) At any moment, before your holiday at Family Magazin begins You can cancel your reservation. The date on which your host receives your statement is taken as the date you cancelled your reservation. It is advised to put that statement in writing.

(2) If You cancel or don’t start your stay for reasons we can’t justify, we have the right to ask for a suitable compensation for the made reservation and the expenses we have because of it. While calculating the amount, it is taken into consideration if some expenses have been avoided or if the service has been sold to the third party. It is your right to prove that by canceling or by not starting your stay no expenses were made or were less than those stated below.

Cancellation costs:

– 45 days before the date stated as the date of arrival 10% accommodation price will be charged

– 30 days before the date stated as the date of arrival 25% accommodation price will be charged

– 22 days before the date stated as the date of arrival 50% accommodation price will be charged

– after that 80% accommodation price will be charged

(3) By the day of arrival the customer may ask that a third party take his contract rights and obligations, of which he must certainly inform us. We have the right not to accept this change of contract.

6. Travel insurance

To avoid any inconvenience described in the previous chapter we recommend acquiring «Happy journey» travel insurance (cancellation insurance) at «EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherung» (European travel insurance – insurance company).

7. Family Magazin’s right to changes and cancellation

We hold the right to cancel the lease instantly if the customer, inspite of the appropriate warning disturbes the house-hold rules. The same applies if the customer doesn’t honor the contract. We do, however, hold the right to charge the full accommodation price. We will acknowledge the expenses that were avoided or any income that was made by renting to third persons and reduce the price by that amount.

8. In general

(1) Inefficiency of certain parts of the lease contract does not understand the inefficiency of the whole lease contract.

(2) In case of dispute that cannot be resolved the matter can be taken to court (Dubrovnik court jurisdiction).

These terms and guidelines refer to the apartments and rooms of Family Magazin, Žuljana, and all leases made with our mediation.


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